Questions and Answers

AmoCRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) system. It helps to keep track of all orders that are submitted through contact forms on your website. You can enable AmoCRM for all feedback forms, pop-up windows, and the Product widget.

Note: AmoCRM is a paid service. For more information on pricing plans and terms, please visit their website.

Where to find: The AmoCRM widget can be activated in the Site Widgets section of your website's Dashboard.

You will be offered to create an account directly from the Dashboard, or, if you already have one, connect it there.

Creating a new account

To create a new account, you need to enter your name and email address. The password to access the AmoCRM system will be sent to you by email. After that, click the Create account button to connect the CRM system.

To complete the registration, log in to AmoCRM and finalize the signup process by submitting the necessary information.

Where to find the account address, email, and API key

If you already have an AmoCRM account, you can connect it by clicking on Connect an existing account and entering your account details. They are as follows:

  • Account address. Here you need to specify your AmoCRM account's subdomain.
  • AmoCRM email. In this field, enter the email that your account was registered with. To look up the email, navigate to Settings > Users & Rights. Find the admin's account and specify their email address.

  • API key. This key is needed to bind your account to our builder. You can find it under the API tab of the Settings section.

Setting up forms


Verify your email address to ensure the correct operation of contact forms.

Once you connect AmoCRM, all messages that your clients send through feedback forms will be stored in the Leads section. More than that, each client will be recorded in the Lists section.

If you would like your clients to be collected in the lists, make sure you configure the necessary fields in the forms. For the contact to be generated in the Lists section, set the Name field as required. We also recommend that you include at least one of these two fields into the form: Email or Phone number.

You can configure the following forms:

  • Contact form
  • Pop-up windows
  • Order forms in the online store

Contact form

In the settings of the contact form, enable the Name field and make it required. It is also recommended to activate the Email and Phone fields. This way, you will be able to split your clients more accurately and sample them on a more precise level.

Pop-up windows

Pop-up windows have the same configuration logic. By default, the Email and Phone fields are active there.


By default, the Name field is not enabled in pop-up windows. If you would like to gather contacts for these forms, you need to activate this field and set it as required.


If you are in doubts as to whether you chose the right field type for your form, we recommend to delete the existing field and add it once again.

Order forms in the online store

Go the store settings to enable the desired fields. Navigate to the Order form tab and make sure that the necessary fields (1) such as Name and Email are active. These fields are marked with special icons. If the fields are deactivated, you can enable them and set the desired types.