Questions and Answers

All uKit widgets are customizable. You can and should edit them to fit the content of your site instead of leaving the default content that comes with the design. The initial step to edit any widget is to click on it, after which the settings panel will appear on the left.

Below is the list of widgets the customization of which is of great importance to your website:

To navigate to the contact information edit form, you need to click on the pencil icon next to the desired item. In the window that will appear on the right, you will be able to provide your contact details. If your business has several branches, you can specify them by clicking on the Add button to create a new office.

In the contact information edit form, you can fill out the provided fields or, if they are not enough, add new, additional ones.

To edit the name of the additional field that you created, click on the pencil icon next to it. If you no longer need a field, click on the trash icon and it will be removed from the list of fields with contact details. If you want to rearrange the order of fields, grab an item and move it up/down to the desired place.

In the settings you can configure appearance of the fields.

The Social Networks widget allows you to place social buttons onto your website so that your visitors could easily check out your presence on social media. The buttons can take to your community, group, personal or public page. In the widget settings, you need to enable the social networks you’d like to have displayed and specify the links.

You can reorder your social networks by dragging and dropping them on the left panel.

The Maps widget will help your potential clients to find you, learn your business hours, and directions.

Map type

When placing a widget, you are offered 3 mapping service options to choose from: Google Maps, Yandex.Maps, and Bing Maps. In rare cases it may happen that your address is missing from the map. In such a circumstance, try labeling your place with another mapping service.

Map markers

If you have already added your contact details to the Contact Information widget, the address you’ve specified there will be used as a map marker. To place a map marker, you either need to provide an address or location coordinates. You might also want to add a heading and description for the map marker that will appear upon clicking on it. If you have several offices or branches, you can feature them too by clicking on the Add map marker button.

Get social by adding widgets of popular social networks to your website: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. To connect them, you just need to provide a link to a social profile or connect, after which you can proceed to setting up the widget’s appearance.

The Video widget makes it possible to add videos to the pages of your website. You can use videos hosted with such popular providers as YouTube and Vimeo. After placing the widget onto the website, you need to go to the widget’s settings and provide a link to the video that you’d like to see added.

Note: Before adding a video to your uKit website, make sure that the video’s settings allow its embedding on third-party websites.