How to Get Started with uKit
  1. Sign Up
  2. Select a Design
  3. Site Pages & Navigation
  4. Add Content
  5. Verify Your Website With Google
  6. Connect Google Analytics

Sign Up

uKit is an excellent way to build a professional website for your business. To get started, sign up to uKit either with one of your social accounts, or by providing an email and a password.
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Select a Design

Browse through our collection of designs, all of which are mobile friendly and customizable to suit your business needs. Go ahead and preview a few different ones.
Try them out until you find your perfect one. Don’t worry if you couldn’t find a separate category for your business niche. Under the All tab you will see the complete list of designs including the multipurpose ones. Any of the designs can be easily tailored to your business by changing the color scheme, pictures, and texts.
Once you’ve decided on the design to go with, click on the Select button.
The next step is choosing a name for your website. Enter the name and click Continue. This is going to be your domain name which is provided by uKit for free. Later on, when you set up your website be sure to connect a custom domain to it to make your business look professional. Here’s a guide on how to do it.
If you’ve chosen a design from a category, you’ll be offered to fill out the blocks that are important for a business website: your first and last name, portfolio, and links to social media pages. You can add the required content, or skip this step and proceed directly to website editing.

Site Pages & Navigation

Select Site pages to navigate and manage your website’s pages. From here you can create new pages and subpages, name them, rearrange their order, modify SEO settings, duplicate and delete pages, and more.

To create a new page, click Add at the bottom of the pages list.

As you add each of your pages, they automatically become part of your site's navigation bar.

To name the page, click on the gear button. Under the “General” tab type in the title.

To change the pages order, hold and drag the page up or down the list. Also, you will need to repeat this action in the navigation bar menu.

In case you need to clone the layout of one page to multiple pages, you can duplicate the page by clicking on the corresponding icon.

Don't forget to help your page get found on Google and other search engines. To do this, open Page Settings and add a title, description and keywords for a particular page.

Add Content

Start organizing content on your website using widgets from the Builder menu on the left. uKit widgets are the crucial building blocks that can be moved across the page by simply dragging and dropping.

From the left menu, choose the widget you want to use, grab it and place on the desired area on your website.

Add as many widgets to a page as you want either on top of each other or side by side, and the page will just grow.

As you drag a widget to a page, the smart blue guideline will tell you where it will be placed when you drop it.

Hover over the widget and the box with the name in it will appear. It allows you to pick the widget up and drag it around the page.

The most essential Widgets for a business website are Contact Information, Social Networks, Map, and Contact Form. Be sure to fill them out with the correct company name, address, phone number, opening hours, and social accounts, so that your clients can easily contact you and place an order.

Also, don’t underestimate the importance of the Reviews and the Callback Widgets. The first will help you promote your products and services with testimonials, while the latter will allow your visitors to request a callback from your website.

Once you’re done customizing your website, you can make use of uKit’s Promotion tool to check if your website is ready to be promoted on search engines (e.g. Google), or some improvements need to be made.

Verify Your Website With Google

The first thing to do before verifying your website with search engines like Google is publishing it. You can do it either on the Dashboard, or in the Builder mode on the left menu.

Now when your website is published, head over to the Dashboard by clicking on the U in the top left corner. From here proceed to Promotion > Search Console > Google Search Console > Add a website. Log in with your Google account, or create it if you haven’t got one yet.

When the website is successfully submitted to Google, you’ll see the following notification:

It means your website will soon appear in the Google search results.

Connect Google Analytics

To track how many people have visited your website, connect Google Analytics.

To do that, click on the uKit logo in the left upper corner. It will take you directly to the Dashboard. From here choose Statistics > Google Analytics > Connect.

Log into Google Analytics with your Google account and allow the request for permission. When the website is successfully connected to Google Analytics, you’ll see the following notification:

Create an account by clicking on the corresponding button and follow the instructions given in the guide below the button.

The tracking ID is now successfully added to your website.

That’s it for the initial setup. Have any questions? Contact our Support Team.


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