Questions and Answers

uKit is logically divided into two parts where you can work on your website — Dashboard and Builder.


Whenever you log in to your account, you see all your activity in one place with your uKit Dashboard. From here, you can manage your websites and perform the following actions:

1. See the list of all your websites and create new. Selecting a different one from this website list will change all the Dashboard information to reflect that website.

2. Proceed to editing of the selected website.

3. Publish the website.

4. Upgrade.

From the lower part of the Dashboard you can:

1. Manage payments and view payment history.

2. Buy a custom domain or connect an existing one, as well as manage domain settings.

3. Connect Google Analytics and view visitor statistics.

4. Use our Promotion tool to analyze how well your website is optimized for search engines. From here you can also verify your website with Google Search Console and make it show up on Google Maps.

5. Make your website not visible to public.

6. Contact the Support Team.


The uKit Builder is the place where you can customize and edit your website. From here, you can customize images, texts, rearrange blocks, change color schemes, add new elements, preview the website on different devices, and more.

All the changes are made on the left menu. It also offers the options to undo and redo actions, create a backup, publish the website, and switch back to Dashboard.