Questions and Answers

To create an online store with uKit, you need to use our built-in Product widget. Once you add the widget to the website, the store settings are immediately activated.

In the settings of the Product widget, you can:

You can add as many products to your website as you want. To navigate to the store settings, click on the cart icon in the top right corner of the Builder:

From there, you can access the following tabs:

  • Settings let you select your store’s currency and choose an action that is completed when items are added to the cart.
  • Order form allows specifying your contact email where store notifications will be forwarded to, fields of the order form, and also the text of the message that will be sent to a customer.
  • Shipping makes it possible to manage your shipping options. The shipping can be offered for free or set to a fixed price.
  • Payments allow you to change payment methods that will be available to the client.

Note: For the time of beta testing, the online store functionality is free of charge and available on all pricing plans.

You can also customize the look and feel of the cart by clicking on it. You can set up the cart's color and the text that appears on it.