Questions and Answers

Website promotion requires methodical approach and regular contributions. We recommend that you focus on the following aspects to achieve the best results:


It must be unique and thematically based on the keywords. Unique content is original articles, photos, audio and video materials that do not have copies in search engine results. This factor has a significant impact on the promotion of your website, so make sure you give it a special attention.


The code uKit generates is semantic, standards-compliant, and highly optimized for SEO. All you have to do is wisely use our SEO tools, think through your website's structure and design, fill in the correct meta tags, interlink pages within your website, and connect a custom domain like

A Title meta tag should be short and understandable when describing your activity (for example, "uKit - Website Builder for Business"). The content of this meta tag is displayed in search engine results and the browser address bar:

The next important meta tag is Description which should contain a brief info about the page. If it is filled in correctly, search engines create a snippet - a short page description - based on this info.

A Keywords meta tag should be filled in with keywords that describe the content of the page. These can be both a single word and a phrase, the important thing here is that the specified keyword must be included in the page's text.

Learn more about how to fill in meta tags.

With our Promotion tool, you can assess your website's optimization and see if it still could use some work or it is ready to go live. Your website is in the Green Zone? This means you can publish it so the search engines could see it and proceed to offsite optimization.


One way to get visitors is to make thematic resources link to your website. Use advertising, try to get attention of bloggers who may write about your business, link to your site from your social profiles etc.

If your business is relevant to people in a specific area, another great way to get noticed is to add your company to Google My Business listings and pinpoint your location on Google Maps. This can be done directly from your uKit Dashboard > Promotion > Business Listing.

For your convenience, we have also automated the process of verifying your website with Google. On your Dashboard navigate to Promotion > Search Console > click Add a website under the Google Search Console tab. Once you do that, you can view your rankings, and ensure Google indexes your website on a regular basis.

We also recommend to check out Google tips for webmasters.