FAQ – Domains

In the Domain section of your Dashboard you can choose, register, and connect one or more custom domain names like

After the changes have been applied, your website will be available at the connected address. Also, you will be able to configure the domain's settings, e.g. edit domain records (such as A, CNAME, MX, and TXT).

Yes, here's how:

1. Sign in to your uKit account.

2. From the left hand side menu on the Dashboard select Domains > Buy domain.

3. Enter a desired domain name into the search box.

4. Click Search

5. Choose the domain extension and hit Buy.

6. Select the registration period and the preferred payment method.

7. Enter your personal information and click Pay.

Congratulations! Now your website has a professional online presence.

If you don't have a custom domain name you can purchase it directly from uKit. In this case, the domain will be connected automatically, no additional actions will be needed from your side.

If you already have a domain name:

1. Open the uKit Dashboard.

2. Select the Domains section.

3. Click on Connect domain.

4. Enter you domain name and click Connect.

5. Confirm that you are the owner of the domain name by clicking on Yes, I have registered the domain name.

6. Specify uKit's name servers ( and at the domain provider's end and select I have set up the name servers.

7. It might take up to 24 hours for the changes to take effect (due to the different update time of the name servers’ information across the Internet).

Once the name servers’ records are checked, your website will be available online at the connected domain name.

The technical domain name like cannot be changed once the website has been created. To choose a new technical domain, you need to create a new website.

However, you can buy a custom domain name like from the Domains section of your Dashboard, or connect an existing one that you purchased from a third-party domain provider.

The number of domains that you can connect to your uKit website is not limited.

1. One of the connected domains is primary. Visitors to the technical domain and secondary domains will be automatically redirected to the primary one.

2. Any connected domain can be set as primary.

If you connected a custom domain to your uKit website, you can set up a personalized email for it, such as

First, you will need to create your mail boxes using an external email service, e.g. Gmail for Work. Then, the custom domain-based emails can be connected by adding the required domain records in the Domains section of your uKit Dashboard.

Contact your email hosting company to ask them for the records that need to be added. Next, on your uKit Dashboard open Domains > Connected to the website > Gear icon > Domain records > Add.

For step-by-step instructions on how to manage domain records on uKit, click here.

You can add and edit domain records, such as A, CNAME, MX, and TXT at any time from the Domains section of your uKit Dashboard.

To add/edit records:

1. Log into your uKit account.

2. At the top of the screen, from the drop-down menu, select the desired website your want to apply your edits to.

3. On the Dashboard choose Domains.

4. Proceed to Connected to the website page and click the gear icon next to your domain name.

5. Select Domain records on the left and click Add to enter the relevant records.

6. Click Save.

Note: To add other records, such as SRV, please contact our Support Team.

uKit has the following name servers:

SSL is a secure protocol that lets you set up a secure channel between your website and visitors.

SSL certificate is a unique digital signature of your website that is needed to create a secure channel between the client and the server.

The SSL certificate allows to:

  • Confirm authenticity of the website and its owner
  • Provide encryption of the transmitted data
  • Protect against data spoofing when the data is transmitted across the network

HTTPS is a secure protocol that allows encrypting the transmitted data over the SSL protocol.

Starting from January 2017, Firefox and Chrome browsers mark as safe only HTTPS-secured websites.

You can attach a SSL certificate to your uKit website free of charge.

Before activating a SSL certificate, you need to connect a custom domain name to your website. It is not possible to enable a certificate to the technical domain like You can either buy a domain from the uKit Dashboard or connect one you've already purchased elsewhere.

The connection of a SSL certificate to your uKit website is provided free of charge, you don't need to buy it from third-party registrars.

Note: As of now, attaching your custom SSL certificate to the uKit website is not possible.

Once the domain name has been successfully connected to your website, on your Dashboard navigate to the SSL certificates:

On the page that will appear, click Enable SSL to activate the certificate for your website. The certificate connection may take up to 1 hour:

Once the certificate has been connected, your website will be available via the HTTPS protocol.