FAQ – General Questions and Answers

uKit is a simple drag-and-drop website builder that helps small business owners create a professional-looking website without any technical knowledge. With a uKit website, entrepreneurs can easily market their business online, attract more customers, and increase sales.

To help small businesses create a successful website, uKit has developed a breadth of features and widgets. These include over 250 of ready-to-use designs, easily trackable statistics, SEO optimization tools, eCommerce solution, website hosting, domain name registration, mobile-friendly layout, and many more.

uKit was developed as a code-free solution by the popular website builder uCoz that has 10 years of experience in the market and more than 1 million active websites. Expertise combined with best practices and state-of-the-art technologies allow our team to build websites efficiently and charge less. This way, we are able to offer you the best options starting at $4/month.

All websites are optimized to work perfectly across computers, mobile phones, and tablets. uKit is currently offered in 4 languages: English, Portuguese, Romanian, and Russian.

You can create two or more separate websites in different languages, and link them to each other, e.g. using the Icon or Button widgets. You can also unite them under one domain, for example, and

To create a new website in one of the languages that uKit is available in, simply change the language on your Dashboard.

Yes, uKit offers an Affiliate Program which allows you to earn money by promoting and driving traffic to uKit. There are no limits to how much you can earn.

All affiliates receive the guaranteed 30% commission on all payments made by the users they referred. The more sales you refer, the more you get paid. Learn more about the program on the official page.

If uKit returns the "Unexpected error has occurred" message, this means that we are fixing small bugs and the system is being updated. Try reloading the page and the error should disappear.

If the error is still there after refreshing the page, please contact our Support Team with the details about the device you're using, operating system, browser, and its version. Be sure to make a screenshot of the error with the open browser's console (in most browsers you can open it with the Ctrl + Shift + I command, and then navigate to the Console tab).

For us, it is very important to collect information on when this message appears to our users, so that we can fix any bug that may appear, as soon as possible.

No, we will never delete your website unless you would like to delete it yourself.

That might happen if you want to change the registered system domain like To delete a website, please open your Dashboard and choose Settings > Security.

Keep in mind that this is an irreversible action. You will not be able to restore your website after this.

Badges are achievement awards we grant to your websites for any major steps in their development.

uKit is a fully drag-and-drop website builder designed to suit those who are not familiar with web design and coding, or simply don't want to spend time editing HTML and would rather focus on content. However, if you need to integrate specific code, it is possible within the Pro Plan.

It grants access to the HTML Code widget which you can add to any desired place on your website and enter the necessary code:

Alternatively, you can make use of the Custom Code widget located on the uKit Dahboard:

Open the widget's settings to specify the code's position and the pages where it should be applied:

All uKit designs are customizable, i.e. all default images and texts can be easily replaced in accordance with the theme of your website. This means that you can select a design from any of the available categories, just choose the colors, fonts etc. you like most.

For example, by changing the pre-inslalled images and uploading your custom ones you can turn an automotive design into a gaming one, or choose a food design and create a website for your cleaning business.

Do you face one of the following situations?

  • In the Builder mode, it’s impossible to add a post to the News page
  • The website doesn’t look good in the Preview mode
  • There’s a message saying it’s forbidden to load system scripts that are required for the operation of the website builder
  • Some browser extensions may interfere with the correct operation of the website builder, that is why we recommend that you disable all active extensions of your browser, including ad blockers (for example, AdBlock, Adblock Plus, AdGuard, and other).

    If you don’t want to disable the ad blocker in your browser, you can add to the list of whitelisted domains in your ad blocker’s settings.