Questions and Answers

There are two ways to do it:

#1 An online store can be created with the help of the Card widget: Builder > Content > Card. Drag the widget to the desired area of your website and set up its design. You can customize the card by adding a product picture, description, price and a Call-to-Action button. Integrate as many cards as you want until you get a product gallery that matches your business needs.

#2 Alternatively, you can add a price list with descriptions of your products and services. For that, in the Builder, open the Content tab and select the Price List widget. Drag it to the desired location on the website.
To configure the fields, click on the price list and edit the settings from the left menu. You can also assign an order form to the buttons in the price list. This way, your website visitors will be able to easily place orders for your products and services.