Questions and Answers

Widgets are the essential building blocks of your website. In the Builder, you will find a big collection of widgets, and we regularly add new ones to expand the functionality of your website. The widgets can be found in the Builder under the Widgets tab.

They are grouped into several categories:

  • Basic
  • Structure
  • Content
  • Media
  • Contact
  • Social


The name speaks for itself, these are the basic elements for a website. Among them are the text-based elements like Title, Text, and Quote, multimedia elements such as Image, Icon, Gallery, Slider, and the Button widget. The HTML Code widget is available within the Pro Plan.


Widgets from this category will help you organize your website's layout with the help of spaces and separators.


Under the Content tab, you will find a number of widgets that allow you to add content of different types to your website. For example, the Card and Price List widgets will help you showcase your products in a visually pleasing manner and describe their properties. If you want to sell products directly on your website, you can use the Ecwid Store widget. Other widgets will also allow sharing different kinds of content.


These widgets will allow you to share different media content such as files, video, music, or presentations.


Contact widgets are there to help your website visitors get in touch with you, sign up for newsletters, interact through the contact form, request a callback, find your location or get help from the support agent via an online chat on your website.


Social elements are perfect for adding popular social media widgets to your website so that your visitors could easily find you on Facebook or Twitter.